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“Respectful, Responsible, Ready to Learn” Academic Excellence in a Caring Environment

Liberty Elementary

631 North Brown Street Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066 www.sapulpaps.org


School Mascot: Eagles

The Mission of Sapulpa Public Schools, in partnership with the community, is to provide a premier education to ensure that every student achieves success in a global society.

Liberty STEM Power Statement:  Striving To Engage Minds

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Liberty Elementary School. This handbook is to assist you in better understanding the procedures used by the staff to assure that each student has an excellent learning experience.

Class times will be:

Monday- Thursday 8:10-3:20

Friday 8:10-2:00

Please make note of these start times. Students need to be in class every day possible for optimal learning to occur. If possible please assist the class by planning appointments for your child/children outside the school day.

The handbook is available online. Hard copies can be obtained in the office for those not able to access the internet. Please read and discuss the handbook with your child/children attending Liberty Elementary School. Please see me or your child’s teacher if you have questions regarding school expectations and policies after reading this handbook.

Tom Walsh, Principal


Tom Walsh.....…………….....Principal  Luanne Guerrero………… Counselor Julie Rhoades…….………..Secretary Bobby Goggins……………Custodian

Liberty Elementary Faculty


Brandi Martin Caroline Brinkley DeEllen Bush FIRST SECOND

Lori Reed Jamie Winters

Emily Miller Kimberly McCallum


Michelle Doss Crissa Gantz

Jennifer Holt


Elisabeth Harper Stefanie Gilbert

Specialty Teachers

Julie Baughman-Special Ed.

April Roth-Title I

Kay Lynn Honeywell-Music

Angle Maxwell-PE

Julie Mays-Speech

April Reyna-Indian Ed.

Nancy Toomey-Art

Tammy Whitten-Media GREAT EXPECTATIONS Great Expectations methodology is used by Liberty staff members to help students academically and socially achieve. The eight expectations students and staff follow each day are:

  1. We will value one another as unique and special individuals.

  2. We will not laugh at or make fun of a person’s mistakes nor use sarcasms or putdowns.

  3. We will use good manners, saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” and allow others to go first.

  4. We will cheer each other to success.

  5. We will help one another whenever possible.

  6. We will recognize every effort and applaud it.

  7. We will encourage each other to do our best.

  8. We will practice virtuous living, using the Life Principles.

Liberty School Creed

I am a Liberty Eagle.

I will be respectful of all students and staff.

I will use the Eight Expectations for Living to assist me. I will be responsible for my own behavior.

I will use the Eagle Choices.

In doing so, I will be ready to learn.

Eagle Choices

Wait and cool off.

Share and take turns.

Talk it out.

Walk away.

Ignore it.


Tell them to stop.

Make a deal.

Tell an adult.


When a student is unable to attend school, parents should call the office by 8:30 a.m. Parents should give the student’s name, teacher’s name, and reason for the absence.

  • Please contact the school office to confirm the reason for the student’s absence.

  • Absences for school-sponsored activities will not count against attendance.

  • If more than 5 absences have occurred in a quarter a NG or no grade may appear on the report card. Parents will be notified after four absences have occurred in a quarter. If more than 5 absences occur a parent may appeal to the principal to have the student’s grade reinstated.

  • Repeated absences may lead to notification of child’s attendance to the district attorney for legal action.


Arrival and dismissal procedures will be strictly followed for your child’s safety.

  • Students can begin arriving at school at 7:40 a.m.

  • Parents delivering students to school for latchkey should use the West drive and enter through the North West door. (The morning latchkey door opens @ 7:00 AM)  All other vehicles arriving between 7:40-8:10 AM should unload outside the gym and/or use the front drive.  No car unloading will be allowed off Brown Street in front of the school.  Cars must be parked in a parking space before the adult enters the building. Students will enter the school from the front door after 7:40. Parents should not leave a vehicle parked in the driving lane. Please pull into a parking space if waiting in the parking lot.

  • Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. must be accompanied to the school office by the parent or guardian. The student will be checked in by office staff and given a tardy pass to take to the homeroom teacher.

  • During the school day, please use the front entrance located on the West side of the building. All other doors are locked for the safety of the students and staff.


For the safety of your child, no student will be placed in an automobile without the proper Liberty hang tag.

  • All students who are car riders will be dismissed through the East doors to the circle drive.

  • All students who walk home from school will be dismissed through the Northwest doors.
  • ADULTS who pick up their child/ children must REMAIN IN CARS in the pickup lane and wait for the teachers on duty to send the student/s to the appropriate car. Children will not be allowed to cross any loading zone to go to waiting automobiles. THESE PROCEDURES ARE FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN.

  • The Front driveway is reserved for bus and daycare traffic after school.

  • Students not picked up by 3:35 p.m. will be delivered to the latchkey teacher. There will be a charge per day for after school latchkey services.

  • Parents are discouraged from picking up students early from school. Teachers teach from 8:10-3:20.

Bad Weather Dismissal: Students who leave school from the Circle Drive dismissal area will wait inside the building until a staff member brings the student to your automobile at the Circle Drive.


The following rules have been established in order to insure the safety of all students who ride buses. Students must:

  • Follow the Eight Expectations for Living.

  • Use only the bus stops assigned.

  • Behave in an orderly manner at the bus stop and in the bus line.

  • Remain seated, facing forward at all times on the bus.

  • Talk quietly and make no unnecessary noise.

  • Refrain from talking to the driver unless it is necessary.

  • Keep head and arms inside bus.

  • Do not litter the inside of the bus

  • Do not throw anything out the window.

  • Remain quiet when the bus is crossing railroad tracks.

  • Keep hands and feet to self on the bus.

  • Sit in seat assigned by the driver.

  • Do Not bring food, drinks, or gum that is open on the bus.

Infractions of the above rules will be brought to the attention of parents.  Abuse of bus privileges will result in change of seating assignment or in the denial of transportation. Only students who live in a residence more than 1.5 miles from school may ride the school bus.


Bus routes and stops are planned and established by the school district transportation department. Safety, economy, efficiency, and allocation of resources are some of the considerations, which must be evaluated in determining bus operation policies. For further information contact Tom Potter at 224-7089 extension 2.


The same general rules for behavior that apply in the classroom are also required in the cafeteria.

  1. Follow the Eight Expectations for Living.

  2. Students are to remain quiet in line and keep hands to themselves.

  3. Students are not allowed to save places in line or at the tables.

  4. Students are to follow directions of all staff in the cafeteria.

  5. Students will not share food.

  6. No carbonated drinks may be brought to the cafeteria.

  • Breakfast is served from 7:40-8:00.

  • Parents, who wish to eat breakfast or lunch with their child, should make reservations with the Cafeteria Manager.

  • Students who pay for meals are encouraged to do so in advance on a weekly or monthly basis. Each student has an account into which money may be deposited.  Students will be allowed to accumulate only 3 charges. After the student has reached this limit, he/she will call a parent/guardian before being served breakfast or lunch. Notification of charges will be sent home in the student’s Eagle Folder.

  • Application for Free and Reduced meals is completed through the cafeteria office.

  • No charges are allowed the last 2 weeks of the school year.

Every attempt possible will be used to notify parents of a cancellation of the school day, including radio, TV, and use of the Sapulpa SchoolMessenger telephone system. It is important that telephone numbers be kept up to date in the school office. The district superintendent or the principal will use this system to notify parents of school cancellations or changes in the schedule. Classes are cancelled only during circumstances such as bad weather, equipment failure or public crisis.
  • In the unusual circumstance where school must be canceled during the day, the principal and teachers will determine that all students have satisfactory transportation and supervision at their home  before being released from school.

  • Parties are for the students at Liberty Elementary. Siblings should not attend.

  • Parents are to park in the South parking lot, if assisting the teacher with a party, to help eliminate parking issues.

  • Parents must check in with the front office staff when attending a class party.

  • Store bought treats may only be brought to a classroom for special occasions with prior teacher approval.  No homemade treats are permitted due to state health codes.


Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled during the fall and spring. Attendance by parents is very important. It is our goal to have 100% participation at conferences.

  • Parents must schedule a specific appointment with their child’s teacher, regardless of the progress of the child.

  • Parent conferences are encouraged and can be arranged at any time during the school year. Please do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher if you have a concern.


Luanne Guerrero is the school counselor employed full time at Liberty. Counseling, small group and short term counseling services are provided at school. Long term counseling services through outside agencies are available and Mrs. Guerrero will work with parents to get those services as needed.


Parents are encouraged to make every effort to schedule medical appointments outside school hours. Prior notification to the teacher is encouraged. Parents must check students out from the office. If a student misses school due to an appointment please bring a medical excuse form to the office on the student’s return to school.


Students enrolled at Liberty will follow the school district dress code.

District Policy 540.1.3

While enrolled at Liberty Elementary, grades PK-5, students are expected to dress appropriately for school. The guidelines listed below are relevant for all school days.  All clothing must be appropriate for school and may not have slashes, cuts, or large torn holes.

  1. Students will not wear clothing or accessories that display pictures, lettering, or numbering that is profane, vulgar, repulsive, violent, grotesque, sexually suggestive, and obscene, advertises or promotes dangerous weapons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, low-point beer, drug-related items or drug paraphernalia.

  2. Students will not wear clothing that unduly exposes the body, including but not limited to:

    1. Tops that do not cover the midriff

    2. Halter tops

    3. Sundresses

    4. Tube tops

    5. Thin strap tops (no less than two finger width)

    6. See-through clothing

    7. Bike shorts

    8. Any clothing made of Spandex

    9. Shorts or skirts that are more than 3 inches above the knee.

    10. Jean cut-off shorts

    11. Any clothing that exposes the underwear under the clothing.

    12. Sagging pants

    13. Bandanas

  3. Students will not wear underwear (boxer shorts, etc.) or pajamas as outerwear.

  4. Students will wear shoes at all times.

  5. Students will not wear hats, caps, or sunglasses in the school building.  Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis for medical reasons or special school planned activities.

6. Students will not wear clothing, accessories, make-up, hair styles, or use decorations worn on the body that are likely to cause a substantial and material disruption of school operations. Such  items include but are not limited to hair of an abnormal color or unusual hairstyle, extra long belts, chains worn as apparel or as an attachment to clothing, any type of visible body jewelry, except for conservative earrings worn by female students in the ear. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

  1. Students will wear tennis shoes with socks for P.E. Students will not participate in P.E. class in the gym in sock feet or bare feet.

  2. Students may not wear any shoes with wheels or cleats attached.


Class field trips are for Liberty students in the grade participating only. Siblings are not allowed to attend field trips with parent sponsors.  Parents may ride on the field trip bus only if room is available. In-district field trips do not require a permission slip from parents.  However, information will be sent home through newsletters, notes, or a Connect Ed. Telephone message regarding all in-district trips.


Homework is important. It is an extension of the learning that takes place in school. Homework can provide practice and drill that reinforces classroom learning and can provide opportunities for independent study, research, and creative thinking.

  • Parents can help their children by arranging a quiet, comfortable place to work and by seeing that assignments are completed.

  • Make-up work may be assigned if a student is absent due to illness.

  • A parent may request assignments for absent students by calling the school office prior to 9:30 a.m. Assignments and books may then be picked up at the office by 4:00 p.m.

  • Work sent home ahead of time should be completed and retuned on the day the student returns to school from the absence.

  • Most homework is daily work that has not been completed by the student at school and must be completed at home on the day sent and returned to the teacher on the following school day. When a teacher assigns a specific homework project, it is expected to be completed and returned to the teacher on time.


Office Hours 7:40 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.

Latchkey Hours 7:00 a.m. - 7:40 a.m. and 3:20 p.m-5:45 Cafeteria Hours 7:40 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.  Breakfast

11:10 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. Lunch


In case of illness or injury, the school secretary or a member of the school staff will care for a student temporarily.

  • School personnel will render first aid treatment only.

  • If emergency medical treatment is necessary, the parents will be contacted. If needed emergency medical personnel will be contacted (911). If parents are not available, the student will be taken to the emergency room.

  • An emergency telephone number where parents can be reached and the name and telephone number of the student’s family doctor must be on file at school.



Immunizations required by state law for grades Pre-K through 5th:

Pre-K KDG 5th

4 DTP/DTAP 5 DTP/DTAP (unless 4th given after the 4th birthday)   5 DTP/DTAP

3 Polio 4 Polio   (unless 3rd given after 4th b-day) 4 Polio


3 Hep B 3 Hep B

2 Hep A 2 Hep A

Varicella Varicella


Services by the Indian Education tutor will be provided only to a student who has a Tribal Membership card.  Please arrange to have your child’s card copied by the school office personnel.


Under no circumstances will a student be granted permission to leave the building/grounds unless the school is notified by a parent/guardian and signed out in the office by a parent or parent designee.

Picture identification will be required if the person signing the student out of school is not known by the staff person on duty in the office.


All items found on campus are placed in the Lost and Found area in the first floor hallway. Please label all personal items including coats, lunch boxes, backpacks, and clothing.


Medication and relevant equipment must be delivered to the school office by the parent or guardian of the student. Office hours are 7:35a.m. – 3:50 p.m.

  • An Authorization form for dispensing medication will be supplied by the office; this form must accompany all medications to be given to the student at school.

  • If a student brings medications to school without a properly completed Authorization Form, the school will inform the legal guardian of District policy and the inability to give the medication. The legal custodian may, however, come to the school and dispense the student's medication.  Students who have a completed form will be allowed to carry an asthma inhaler or Epi- pen with required doctor’s signature and prescription on file in the office.

  • Children are not allowed to carry any other medications.


  1. Follow the Eight Expectations.

  2. Stay inside the fenced area.

  3. Only three students to a tire swing. No jumping out of tire swings. Students not swinging may not be in the swing area.  Slide down the slide facing forward at all times. Do not walk up the slide. Slide down one student at a time.

  4. Children may not leave the playground area without permission.

5.   Quietly line up after recess before entering the building.

  1. Do not pick up throw any objects including wood chips, rocks, sticks, glass, etc.

  2. No one is allowed in the outdoor play areas without adult staff supervision.

  3. All playground equipment must be used safely.


School staff will supervise the playground during all outside play times. The playground is not supervised before or after school (latchkey students ONLY have adult supervision after school). Students are expected to leave the school grounds immediately following dismissal.


Report cards are distributed following the completion of each nine-week grading period. Progress reports are sent at mid-term for each quarter.  Student grades and attendance can also be monitored online through PowerSchool. Please carefully review your child’s progress and contact the school if you have questions regarding grades or attendance.

Students before School Supervision
  • No supervision of students is provided before 7:00 a.m. unless the student is attending latch key

  • Students will sit quietly in their designated area between 7:40 – 8:05 a.m.

  • Students who eat breakfast will go to their assigned area after eating. All other students will go straight to designated areas.


The major purpose of Liberty T.A.P.S (Teachers and Parents of Sapulpa) is to improve and enhance the relationship between the home and school. Meetings will be announced through notes sent home with students and in the school newsletters.   Parents and teachers are encouraged to participate in T.A.P.S. sponsored events.  There is no cost and each parent/ guardian and Liberty staff member is considered a member of T.A.P.S.


Liberty Elementary is a school wide title I school. All students are eligible to receive services from the Title I teachers. Parent/guardian will be informed if your child is receiving additional services in math and reading through the Title I program.


CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BRING PERSONAL BELONGINGS TO SCHOOL. The school is not responsible for personal items, such as headphones, radios, toys, etc. Personal items brought to school may be lost, broken, or confiscated by the teacher (students are not to bring toys, headphones, video games, radios, etc. to school). If it is necessary for a student to bring a cell phone to school, there is a form that parents should fill out and return to the office. The phone is to be placed on silent settings and remain in the student’s backpack during the school day. If the student does not follow these guidelines Liberty staff will bring the item to the school office. A parent/ guardian must come to school and take the item home.


It is our responsibility to make sure your child makes it home safely from school. Therefore, it is very important to inform your child’s teacher as soon as possible if there is a change in your child’s after school transportation. Please do this by sending a note to school. If there is an emergency, you may call the office to inform the teacher of the change. Please do this before 2:00 p.m. Students thrive on the security of a regular schedule.  Please let your child know how (s)he is getting home BEFORE you send him/her to school.


Students being checked out during the school day will be called to the office. For our student’s safety, all visitors are required to report to the office upon entering the building. Visitors will be assigned a badge. Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit our school with teacher and principal permission.

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